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About Our Company

If you bring us YOUR problem, we will bring you OUR solution.  And our solution will be reliable, affordable and timely. We also love a challenge!  So please, let us help you out. 


Modtranz Inc. has been providing transportation solutions since 1986. Our company is built on four simple principals:


  • Thorough customer communication throughout all phases of the project.

  • Care and respect for your cargo, as if we owned it ourselves.

  • Real-time coordination and strict adherence to timelines. We actually understand that TIME (really) IS MONEY and we use the latest technology to connect our drivers to up-to-the-minute schedule adjustments to maintain efficiency.

  • Competitive, efficient and fair pricing.  We will provide the most competitive bid.  And in the rare cases when ours comes in higher, it would be worth your time to ask us why?  If you do, we will show you how ModTranz will save you money in the end.

We Will Go Where No Mod Has Gone Before

ModTranz Capabilities

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